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Dark Fibre

The ideal optical fibre network.

Our optical fibre network is an ideal regional service for carriers, telecommunications service providers and mobile operators.

Along the route, we have put in place 66 dark-fibre and carrier-bandwidth regenerator stations and strategic network PoPs, together with additional interconnect opportunities at WPD’s own communications sites.

The optical fibre network is 2,350km extending from the East Midlands down to the South West Peninsula in the UK. It delivers 70,000 km of quality ITU-T G652 fibre and offers users 66 PoPs, multiple core rings and several national-interconnects, together with landing-station access rings.

Short and long-term, fibre leasing or IRUs over the cable routes.

Most of these are independent of other network operations and have been chosen to pass through strategic PoPs and site locations where there are effective regeneration facilities, breakout and interconnection opportunities. The majority of Surf Telecoms network is deployed over our own core and local access fibre cables. The network offers ring topology, resilience and state of the art carrier class solutions.

Fibre solution offers:

  • Core delivery over Surf’s own dedicated fibre network in England and Wales.
  • Quality ITU-T G652 optical fibre between existing Surf nodes within the South West and South Wales (subject to availability)
  • Many serviced existing and co-located carrier points of presence, regional ISP, Data Centre and Cable landing station connectivity
  • Management of the necessary services to provide a complete “turnkey” end to end solution