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SDH Leased Lines Circuits

When Clarity is Critical

SDH Leased lines

When transmission clarity is critical and error-free communication essential, Surf delivers Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (STM16).

You get the benefit of our investment in leading-edge technology, a network that’s majorly deployed over our own core and local access fibre cables, and offers ring topology, and resilient carrier class solutions.


Utilising separate wavelengths on Surf DWDM core, this SDH service platform offers protected services in conventional SDH formats. Surf Telecoms has the ability to provide the full range of SDH circuits including core protected carrier class SDH services from 2 Mbit/s to STM64 (10Gbit/s line rate).

We offer standard or resilient options complimented by third party contract extension services and national connectivity through our alliance partners to industry standards as well as options to also extend services over licensed microwave radio links to reach remote locations. SDH solutions offer:

  • A full range of SDH services E1, E3, DS3, STM1, STM4, STM16 and STM64
  • A resilient and secure core network to carrier class standards that will scale and meet the requirements of future network requirements
  • Many serviced existing service provider and carrier points of presence and regional Data Centre connectivity
  • Managed service tails and the management of the necessary services to provide a complete “turnkey” end to end solution
  • Option for diverse circuit protection for your business critical applications

SDH Standards Available

E1, E3, DS3, STM1, STM4, STM16 and STM64