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Site Sharing and Co-Location

Colocation, colocation, colocation

You don’t have to be in London to get great quality accommodation – Surf has the answer at many locations across our network.

We’ve dedicated more than 10 years to developing a large portfolio of advanced site services including connectivity to Surf Telecoms fibre optic network for managed bandwidth services or dark fibre solutions, radio mast space and colocation services.

Our portfolio comprises over 186 Western Power Distribution sites with 72 fibre-enabled and 24 with fully established colocation facilities many incorporating features found in data centres.


Our colocation sites bring together the best accommodation for your needs.

Building sizes vary from 2.8 x 2.8msq for fibre distribution cabins to 18m x 4m for equipment accommodation modules (EAM).

Surf offers housing for single racks or multiple racks – either supplied by us or provided by you – plus caged areas or a designated cabin including street side furniture if required. If it’s more space you need, you can choose your own bespoke size of cabin.

Each EAM building is made from structural steel and insulated to a high U-value. There’s a steel base decked with an antistatic tiled internal false floor able to take loads of 8kN/msq. Conforming to the highest of standards, our sites are fitted with state of the art security and fire detection systems. Power is delivered by landlord supply via a sub meter or provision can be made for you to have your own metered supply.

Enhanced Security

We take systems security seriously. That starts with the sites themselves, many of which operate to ISO 27001 standards.

For your protection, all our sites are surrounded with secure perimeter fencing, plus internal and external proximity lighting and monitored intruder systems. Government standard locks are used on all buildings, cabins, cages and racks. Only authorised personnel (yours or ours) can get close and admission is strictly controlled via secure key issue or supervised access any time of the day or night.

More Power

Power is all important; you want to be sure your systems keep running.

Our sites are designed to run 24/7 every day of the year.

Typically, we’re located adjacent to Western Power Distribution electricity substations and provide high capacity mains AC power in 3-phase or single phase as required. Alternatively, optional DC supply or UPS facilities are available.

In the unlikely event of a power interruption, on-site automatic standby generators kick in to provide 72 hours of support without refuelling. This is backed up by 24/7 monitoring and a 3-hour response window for refuelling and repair.

Constant Cooling

Never too hot, and never too cold, the temperature inside the buildings, cabins and cages are maintained at a nominal 21oC, keeping equipment running at optimum performance.

Fire Detection

You wouldn’t want a fire to stop your business from working and neither would we, so we put fire detection at the top of our priority list. Ionising smoke detectors are installed at many locations. At our major network locations the BS5306 standard SM200 fire suppressant system is used to suppress any hint of fire within seconds and the suppressant itself is harmless to equipment.


You have a particular telecoms provider you want to run your systems through? Or even more than one?

That’s fine by us – our sites are totally carrier neutral.

There’s complete diversity of cable routing with access to Surf Telecom’s expansive fibre optic network either for dark fibre or for managed bandwidth services. For ultimate connectivity there’s space too for satellite and antenna equipment on our roofs or towers. And keeping cable and fibre optics separate is no trouble with our cable management basket trays.

Site management

Our sites operate 24/7 because we know that’s how you operate.

That means there’s constant monitoring of safety and security, plus complete management of the environmental conditions in all the buildings, cabins and cages. Should you need them, Surf’s standby managers are available anytime for advice or equipment support. Depending on your level of service agreement, our engineers can help with planned (and unplanned) maintenance when your engineers are working on something else.

Site portfolio

Number of sites:

Fibre-enabled - 76

Colocation facilities - 40

Radio mast capacity - 186

Our customers Global carriers, cellular operators, communications service providers, utilities, local authorities, content distributors, major broadband providers and small business customers all use these comprehensive site services.


All services detailed above are subject to availability and to third party consents where applicable.